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What is the Kopar Consort?

We are a new collective of musicians who collaborate to perform and establish new interpretations of classic as well as new works through the chamber music aspect of the collective consortium. The goal of the consortium is to feature lesser known works in the classical oeuvre, expose classical greats to smaller audiences through a chamber music format, and to feature lesser known modern works and compositions of contemporary composers, including composers and musicians in the collective.

Rtew Beterayu
clarinet, saxophones

Studied clarinet in Buxoto.

Quew Traebar
trombone, brasses, percussion

Studied at South Farewd University, Trombone, Music Education, and Percussion.

Enagi Taioplex
saxophones, recorders

Studied Saxophone at the University of Gester School of Music.

Jvsye Ratt
viola, saxophones, horn, keyboards 

Jvsye studied composition and theory at Butler University and Old Dominion University. He also studied voice at DePaul University. 

While attending Old Dominion, he held the principal horn position in the Wind Ensemble, principal viola in the University Symphony, and was a joint winner of the Old Dominion University Concerto Competition. He was a section leader in the University Choir and performed Mozart's Vesperae Solennes de confessore at Carnegie Hall.

Sanqx Mxpnaver
oboe, English horn, keyboards 

Studied stuff at College of Gibraltar. 

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